Celebration Circle

by Shirley Smith, M.S., CCC/SP

Goal: Celebrate making new friends and learning new things

Slogan: All the slogans learned during the day

Materials: None


  1. Students, leaders, and helpers form a large circle.

  2. Leader says, "You will have a minute to think of some things you learned today. We will go around the circle and let each of you tell us something that you think you will tell your parents that you learned today. or, you may tell about your favorite activity or thing that you made.

  3. Give a minute for the students to think.

  4. The leader tells about his/her favorite thing.

  5. Go round-robin around the circle allowing each student to share his/her favorite event.

  6. If time permits, go around the circle in the opposite direction, telling the students, "now we are going to turn to our neighbor on the (right/left) and tell them something we like about them. For example, maybe you liked the way they shared materials, or smiled at you or made you laugh." The leader begins and the students take their turns.