Scott Robinson Alwin

August 11, 1944 - June 26, 1976

Our classmate, Scott Alwin was with us for only 8th grade, graduating with us. The picture to the left, provided by Katy Oakey Grahn, was taken at the school picnic. When he was at Madison Lutheran, he was considering a career in the ministry. He attended Concordia in Milwaukee .Scott enlisted in the Army in July 1966 and served as a helicopter pilot in Bien Hoa, Vietnam, from August 1967 until summer 1970 and from spring 1971 to January 1972. He is listed on the 117th Roster and mentioned in a war story about Helicopter UH-1C 65-09458

Scott "was awarded the Air Service Medal at a special awards ceremony at the Bien Hoa Air Base. According to the orders dated 22 Aug 1969, a total of 17 U.S. helicopter pilots received the Air Service Medal" (reference

A few months later, 1Lt Scott R Alwin, 68th AHC, 145th CAB, set the record for the most Air Medals held by an Army Aviator on 13 June 1970, when he was awarded his 102nd through 108th Air Medals (reference

Scott married Du Thi Duong (Teresa Alwin-Nguyen) in 1969. Two children, Scott and Heather, were born to them.

The Wisconsin Historical Society site depicted the experiences of four Wisconsin soldiers, and included the following photos relating to Scott.