Madison Lutheran School
at Turner Hall

May 9, 1958 - 7:30 P.M.

Selections by the School Choir

  1. Rock of Ages - arr. by Wohlfeil
  2. With a Hey and a Hi and a Ho, Ho, Ho - Mizzy-Curtis
  3. Younger Generation - Gershwin-Copland
  4. The Syncopated Clock - Anderson
  5. Peter Piper - Whittredge The Accompanist: Lois Unger

Play: Call It A Day - by Menta Graham

Scene: Dr. Culver's Office and Waiting Room

Cast: Dr. Culver . . . . . . Phillip Heideman

Mrs. Culver . . . . . Carol Ziehlsdorff
Additional Characters. . Members of the 8th Grade

Selections by the School Band:

  1. Patriotic Overture - Buchtel
  2. Westward Ho - Erikson Trail to Mexico, Herding Song, Oh, Susanna
  3. Snow White Medley Heigh Ho, Whistle While You Work, Someday My Prince Will Come
  4. Pinocchio Medley When You Wish Upon A Star, Give A Little Whistle
  5. Folk Songs Loch Lomand, The Minstrel Boy, O No, John
  6. Deep River Spiritual Deep River, Roll, Jordan
  7. Fighting Men Caisson Song, Marines Hymn
  8. To The Flag When Johnny Comes Marching Home, American Hymn, Hail to the Chief
  9. Little Bop Riding Hood - Foreman Narration by Carol Ziehlsdorff
  10. Success March - Bennett

Advisers: Elmer Behrens, Principal, Director of the play

Lothar Stolper, Director of the choir and the band
Quintin Urban, Stage Manager