This is a picture of the plant that my mother has kept going for 50 years. When we were in either 1st or 2nd grade, Miss Buchholz had us start small plants like this for our mothers for Mother's Day. My mother has kept cuttings of it growing in her house for all these years. So, each spring when I pinch off ends and stick them in my garden as an edging plant (it's not winter hardy), I think of Miss Buchholz and Madison Lutheran School. I've been growing my own since we bought our home in 1972. Each fall I dig some of the plants up and bring them in the house for the winter. Two of them that I have growing in my kitchen right now have tiny yellow flowers on them. The plants serve as another wonderful reminder of Madison Lutheran School.

If anyone else would like to have a plant like this again, just let me know. Either my mother or myself could get you a start.

Katy Oakey Grahn