Support Staff at Madison Lutheran School

The Cooks

Although I remember bringing lunch some days in first and second grade, we also enjoyed a hot lunch program which cost $1.00/week. In 1957-58 the cost of hot lunch was raised to twenty-five cents per meal. At that time the average meals served daily was 265. The school was also a member of the National School Lunch Program. Milk was furnished in the Special Milk Program at a cost of two cents per day.

Mrs. Stolper, Mrs. Wolter, Mrs. Oakey.
Mrs. Stolper passed away in 2002.

Cooks serving the school also included Mrs. Behrens, Mrs. Ziehlsdorff. Some favorite recipes are included.



Bussing was started sometime during the 1950's at a cost of $1.25/week for the first child in the family and $1.00/week for each additional child.

School Nurse

School nurses included Mrs. Thomas Anderson. She retired in 1958.


Secretaries included Mrs. Evans. I remember when I was in 8th grade, some of us were designated to answer the school telephone in the small office at the top of the stairs. Those of us acting a "secretaries" had our desks near the back of the room with the door open. When the phone would ring, we would run across the hall, up about 6-8 steps, and answer the phone on the third ring with, "Hello, this is Madison Lutheran School."

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