One Cut Books

The following one cut books were created as a challenge Judy Kuster made to the following 22 graduate students at Minnesota State University, Mankato, to "add value" to the Internet. Jennifer Bade, Jodie Davis, Emily Durr, Nicole Geving, Brittany Holicky, Joelle Johanson, Angie Lange, Britta Larson, Anica Myhr, Kelly Olson, Jessica Rasmussen, Brooke Ringgard, Hatty Rossow, Sarah Spoor, Nichole Stasney, Katherine Thayer, Lisa Vadnie, Rudi Vennard, Carly Voxland, Nancy Wariai, Jessica Weiler, and Jennifer Worrall

One cut books are made by folding an 8 1/2 by 11 inch piece of typing paper and making one small cut. See the instructions to making a one-cut book online at: One Cut Book (

The 22 PDF files below can be run-off and used as already-made one-cut books or as models for making your own. There are additional one-cut books made by speech clinicians online at

My Book of Jobs and
Who I Want to be
When I'm Grown Up

How to Build
a Snowman

My Book of
"S" Blends

My Book of
Word Retrieval

My Christmas Book

My Book of Things
in my Backpack

My Winter Book

My Book of
Barnyard Animals

My Going to
School Book

Animals that
begin with "P"

My Book of
Bible Stories

My Book of

My Book of

My book
of Sports

How Do You Feel?

Most Commonly
Used Metaphors

My Book of
"B" Words

My Little
Book of Food

My Book of
Red Things

Jason's First Book
of Sports

My Book of
"K" Sound Words

My Morning Routine

added September 24, 2009