You Are In Control

A Game for Children Who Stutter, Their Families, and Friends

This activity first appeared in STAFF, February 1992 (a newsletter from Aaron's Associates). It is reprinted here for non-commercial use only with the permission of the editor, Janice Westbrook.

On the link below you will find a game of luck, learning, and laughs. It will help you, your friends, and your family, understand how some things help make our stuttering better, and some things make it worse.

Here is how to play! All you need is a pair of dice, at least two players, and a marker for each player. They move as many spaces as the total of the two dice.

Players take the consequences for whatever message is in the block on which they land. The players begin their next move from the block to which they had to move for their consequence. The player who makes it to the "You Are in Control" block first... wins!

The game board is attached HERE to download and print out

It won't be long before we learn that some things help us become Boss of our stuttering, and some things make us lowly slaves. May the true "King" win!!

With appreciation to Michelle Wallior M.S. CCC-SLP who improved the print on the game board, making it easier to read and larger and to Janice Westbrook for permission to reprint the board for non-commercial use only. Judy Kuster

updated May 15, 2020