• How long will it take to download these files? Downloading files depends on the speed and quality of your connection to the internet and the size of the file, and these are BIG files. We are currently working to make them much smaller, but that will take a little more time. Regular dialup modems are relatively slow. You probably do not want to download the larger files through a modem connection to the internet because it will take a long time. ISDN, DSL, Cable, T-3, and T-1 connections are faster. Check the chart on the this website to see how long a 10MB file takes to download with the system you are using.
  • How can I play these files after they are downloaded? MP3 files will work on either PC or Macintosh computers. You need to have appropriate software installed (it is free and may already be on your computer). There are different ways to play MP3 files.

    QuickTime will open the audio and start playing it as it downloads. The files will play for an average of 10 minutes. When the file is finished, you can replay it if you are still connected to the internet.

    Some versions of RealPlayer will download the entire audio file to your computer and then you can play it anytime, off line. Since the files are large, it may take a several minutes to download, depending on your connection.

  • Download the free Quicktime Player for Mac or PC
  • Download the free RealOne Player for Mac or PC
  • Other versions of Real Player and Windows Media Player, like QuickTime, will also play the file as it downloads. Windows Media Player is built into Windows, but the newest version is available for Win98, ME, or 2000 and XP.