Apply for Graduation

Applying for graduation is different and separate from registering to participate in the Commencement ceremony. You must first apply to graduate and be approved to graduate before you can register to walk in Commencement.

Undergraduate Students

Associate and Bachelor Degrees

Undergraduate students should apply for graduation immediately following registration of your final term courses. We encourage you to review your Degree Audit, accessible via E-Services, to monitor your progress toward completing your degree requirements. Should you have questions or concerns regarding your current degree completion as it appears on your Degree Audit, reach out to your academic advisor(s).

Graduate Students

Master, Specialist, and Doctoral Degrees

Graduate students should apply at the beginning of the expected graduation term.


  • For a student to be eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony, they must be graduating that term or the summer before (fall) or after (spring).
  • Summer graduates DO NOT need to appeal to participate – they get to choose which ceremony to participate.
  • To be included in the commencement booklet, students must be approved to graduate by April 1 (spring) or November 1 (fall). Due to production timelines, there are no exceptions to those dates.