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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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The biggest advantage of taking a concurrent class is getting free college credits and not having to pay for textbooks. Quote from K. Helland, 2008 Concurrent Enrollment studentBenefits for Students

Over the years, we have heard from many Concurrent Enrollment students who have referred to their participation in Concurrent Enrollment as “a smart move.” Here are just a few reasons why!

Get a jump-start on college!

Based on a recent survey of Concurrent Enrollment students, anyone who wanted to transfer their credits to a college or university, were able to do so successfully.

Gain a competitive edge!

Competition in college admissions means that admissions officers now look for evidence of rigorous course work on high school transcripts.

Enjoy more flexibility in college!

Completing college requirements in high school gives you greater flexibility as a full-time college student. Many Concurrent Enrollment alums find they are able to pursue second majors, or participate in study abroad opportunities and/or internships.

Learn college-level skills before your graduate from high school!

The critical thinking, writing, and reading skills developed in Concurrent Enrollment courses will prepare you for success in college.

Demonstrate your learning just as you will in college!

College courses typically assess your learning through several means such as examinations, papers and lab reports. Minnesota State Mankato courses administered through Concurrent Enrollment will assess your learning in this manner, too. You will not be faced with a single, highstakes test, which is present in Advance Placement (AP) courses.

Reduce the overall cost of a college education!

Concurrent Enrollment tuition is paid by your high school. Additional savings can be realized when recognition of Concurrent Enrollment credits allows you to graduate early from college.

We agree with our students! Concurrent Enrollment is indeed "A SMART MOVE"!!