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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Why Concurrent Enrollment?

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Through teaching a concurrent enrollment couse, Introduction to Music, my eyes have been opened to the hunger for knowledge that many top level high school students long for in their school day. This class demands more attention by the students that the high school-level courses they are taking. As well as demanding more from the students, this course which explores the history of classical and rock and roll music, demands more of me as a teacher than the other classes I teach. The brightest high school juniors and seniors need to be challenged in their thinking and learning and I need to be challenged to stay fresh in my curricular area. Concurrent Enrollment opportunities open minds and allo for a level of teaching and learning that is challenging to both the students and the instructor. These challenges are a welcome and satisfying part of our schol year. Quote from K. Beck, Concurrent Enrollment Teacher from St. James High School

Challenge your students by bringing college courses to your high school!

Benefits for your students:

  • Experience an introduction to college course rigor.
  • Get a jump start on their post-secondary education; allowing greater flexibility in college.
  • Earn college credit in their high school with their peer group.
  • Gain access to the university library and other campus support services.

Benefits for your school and teachers:

  • Develop partnerships between university faculty and your high school teachers.
  • Retain student leaders in your high school.
  • Your students earn college credit without losing significant state-support dollars.
  • Increase community awareness of the school’s high standards and outstanding offerings.

Begin Concurrent Enrollment at Your School

We would like to visit with you about Concurrent Enrollment at your high school. To learn more about Concurrent Enrollment at Minnesota State Mankato, please contact the Assistant Director for Concurrent Enrollment at 507-389-5119.