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Theatre & Dance

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The Department offers a Master of Fine Arts degree curriculum of a 60-credit, three-year program and is available for students who have an undergraduate major or minor in theatre or its equivalent. The Performance MFA offers the Acting, Musical Theatre and Directing tracks; the Design/Technology MFA offers Scenic Design, Costume Design, Lighting Design and Sound Design tracks, as well as Technical Direction.

The MA in Theatre Arts is available for students who have an undergraduate major or minor in theatre or its equivalent. Thirty credits of graduate level work is required to complete the Master of Arts degree. Fifty percent of those hours must be at the 600 level. In addition to Theatre Research, specific plans of study are to be devised with the concurrence of the student’s advisor. No P/N grades are acceptable in fulfilling major requirements.

Graduate program acceptance is predicated on area of interest. Priority will be given to applications received by March 1. Get more information about what to include for the audition DVD. For more information or to determine vacancies after March 1, contact department chair Paul J. Hustoles.

Anticipated Date of Enrollment: Fall 20

I am interested in:

In order of preference (1-9), please mark the areas in which you would most like to serve if granted an assistantship:

Teaching Acting
Theatre Management
Student Recruitment
Scene Shop
Costume Shop
Public Relations

Graduate Assistants serve the Department. We will do our best to accommodate your preference, if possible.

You must include a resumé with this application and send a portfolio under separate cover (electronic files may be attached to this application). The portfolio will be returned to you as soon as possible. Check which items you are including (you MUST include a sample of your formal writing):

Letters of recommendation have been requested from (send to address below):

Name of Reference, Address and Title

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