"7 Levels of Leadership for Women"

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                                                   What's Your Style? 

Join us for this one day workshop to explore the "7 Levels of Leadership" and find your genuine leadership style.  Each level has advantages and disadvantages, but your style and pattern is unique to you.  Participants will be assessed on their leadership styles and then learn how to shift from stress patterns to genuine leadership from the inside-out.  

                                                    'Leading from the Genuine You'

What have you always wanted to do? What’s stopping you?  Learn how to identify and break down barriers that hold you back from reaching your full potential and maximum effectiveness. 

                                                   'Effective Communication Basics'

How can you communicate effectively with suppliers, customers, other businesses, and the media? Learn effective ways to communicate by understanding your communication style and how to adapt to various situations.  

                                                    'Influencing & Inspiring Others'

How can you turn your passion into influence?  We'll explore techniques for developing instant rapport with others and review the top 14 skills necessary to inspire others as well as learn about the 7 steps to effective negotiation.  

                                                              'Innovation for All'

Think you're not creative?  Think again.  Learn how to access your own creative genius through practical and effective brainstorming techniques.  Learn to build a "what if" approach to problems.  Understand how to capture and cull all those creative ideas you have!       

                                          'Goal-Setting for Maximum Achievement'      

Goal-setting can be a daunting task.  How do you break it all down?  Learn an easy and powerful 4 step system to break down what you want to do into achievable steps and action plans.    


Date:  Thursday, February 5, 2015

Time:  8:00 - 5:00 

Fee:  $195

Location:  Centennial Student Union Room # 245

(Continental Breakfast and Lunch will be served.)   

Workshop Facilitator: 

                                   SARA SINNARD, owner of FUSHiON Life & Leadership, LLC 


Sara is a life coach working primarily with women and girls to reach their full potential through Energy Leadership Coaching.  She is an Energy Leadershiop Index Master Practioner.

Sara has over twenty years helping organizations with leadership development, team-building, innovation, and business strategies.  Her education include a BFA, an MBA and executive coach training recognized by the International Coaching Federation.  She also works privately with individuals who want to bring more healthy energy in to their life experience to deepen their overall sense of joy and purpose in life.