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Leadership is not EASY. You need all the TOOLS you can get.

Leadership is tough and the challenges pile up quickly. By learning new tools with Online Professional Development Training from Minnesota State University, Mankato, you gain new skills, confidence, and insight to help you manage your workplace dynamics. Because the challenges Corrections Professionals face are many, the tools you need to have available must be varied. 

In addition to leadership, management and supervisory training, a full range of online, cutting edge, training services have been designed specifically for Corrections Professionals including:

  • Evidence Based Practice
  • Conflict Resolution strategies, techniques and tools
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • History of Corrections
  • Best practices in Corrections

View the full listing of Corrections Online Professional Development Training here.

A full range of online hands-on leadership training services have been designed to help you :

  • Enhance performance through improved communication
  • Enhance morale through improved group dynamics
  • Enhance teamwork through improved goal setting

Scalable Training to Fit Your Needs

Because your needs change as you evolve, the Online Professional Development Training Services are designed for 3 levels of growth:

  • Introductory: gain familiarity with leadership and team challenges and tools. Perfect for new leaders, and experienced leaders who want to gain skills but are unsure where to start
  • Intermediate: tools that help you solve leadership problems and build effective teams. Perfect for leaders who want to not only solve problems, but prevent them; a great journey into dynamic leadership potential.
  • Advanced: tools that help you build and lead dynamic teams, and help you grow your organization and your people in the face of complex leadership situations. Perfect for leaders who understand the need for strategic leadership and the amazing power and flexibility that it can bring to an organization, and the leader.


If you have questions about the training or how to register, contact the Continuing Education office at 507-389-1094, or 1-800-722-0544 ext 9, or email

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