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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Quality Matters in Mankato

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About four years ago, Minnesota State University, Mankato became an affliate subscriber to QM through the Minnesota statewide QM subscription and began implementing QM on the Mankato campus. Presentations to groups, deans, and various committees began to raise awareness of Quality Matters and as faculty and programs requested workshops, Applying the Quality Matters Rebric (APPQMR) face-to-face workshops were provided by Linda Jacoby, a certified QM facilitator, to faculty at MSU.

Current Status

As of January, 2013, MSU, Mankato leads the system in the number of faculty who have completed an APPQMR workshop.

In addition, QM records (as of January 6, 2013) show that:

  • 88 faculty/staff have completed an APPQMR workshop
  • 4 faculty/staff have completed the QM Peer Reviewer Certification Course and have become QM Certified Peer Reviewers
  • 2 Certified Peer Reviewers have served on course review teams
  • 1 faculty/staff has completed requirements to become a QM Certified Master Reviewer
  • 0 courses have received QM recognition (not counted are any currently in the submission or review process)

Current Opportunities 

Faculty/staff who have already completed the APPQMR workshop are eligible to take the Peer Reviewer Course - an excellent follow-up to the APPQMR, even if don't yet desire to become reviewer.

Faculty who have successfully completed the APPQMR and the Peer Reviewer Course and have taught online within the past 18 months are eligible to become Peer Reviewers on a QM review team.

Future Plan

MSU, Mankato would like to see more faculty complete workshops, more faculty become Peer Reviewers and more faculty submit courses for review. This is an excellent way to use funding provided to programs, departments or colleges from the Online Tuition Differential. Faculty interested in receiving training or submitting courses for review should contact QM Institutional Representative, Linda Jacoby, at for more information.