Campus Signage

The following campus signs are posted throughout campus and are available through Printing Services or University Stores.

Social Distancing Decals

These reminders to maintain a six-foot distance are available for both carpet and tile surfaces; decals can be ordered through University Stores.

graphic: Social Distance decals

“Not for Use” Adhesive Strips

Chairs, desks and workstations that should not be used can be marked off with these adhesive strips.  They can be ordered through University Stores.

Photo of some signage, including flame stickers and adhesive strips

Flame Stickers

Circular stickers have been placed on tables around campus indicating how many people may sit there, as well as where to sit to maintain appropriate social distancing. Additional stickers may be requested through University Stores.

Handwashing Signs

Laminated handwashing reminders have been posted in all campus bathrooms. To order additional signs, please contact Printing Services.

wash your hands sign for restrooms