Course Delivery and Definitions

Our plan is to create a community of care for everyone at Minnesota State University, Mankato. This involves some changes to how we have done things in the past, but we have created solutions to ensure that our campus community remains safe while delivering the same high-quality education.

Course Delivery Modes

In-Person  classes will have required  face-to-face interaction in a classroom, lab or field experience. Some course components may be delivered in alternative formats, but the majority of the course is delivered in-person in a space that has been prepared to accommodate students and faculty safely.

Hybrid  courses will largely be delivered online, but they may include  some  required face-to-face interaction as well.  For example, one week the class may meet in-person; the next week, it may have online-only activities. 

Online Only classes will be offered online, with no in-person interaction. Some online classes are  asynchronous, which means that there are no required video conference meetings; others are  synchronous, which means that you must engage with the instructor at a scheduled time. Online courses have additional fees associated to them, although those fees do not apply to classes that have moved online as a result of the pandemic. The removal of online course fees for classes that moved to online as a result of the pandemic are currently being processed; reductions will be reflected on your student tuition bill next week.

FlexSync is a synchronous HyFlex learning experience designed specifically with the pandemic and smaller room capacities in mind. This allows us to be nimble while maintaining face-to-face instruction.  In a FlexSync course you  can  engage with instructors  either  in the classroom  or  via Zoom.  Undergraduate FlexSync courses are held in-person by instructors in the classroom with the option of remote attendance of students via zoom. In-person attendance is strongly encouraged.  Students that need to participate remotely for any reason should contact their instructor by the end of the first week. Instructors may set attendance expectations for those that have not arranged remote attendance. International students attending class remotely from home countries will be granted remote attendance automatically. There are no additional fees for FlexSync classes. 

  • Note: You may see the term HyFlex on your course schedule; the Minnesota State system uses HyFlex to describe flexible classes in general—but FlexSync is Minnesota State Mankato’s more  comprehensive learning solution designed to support you. 

FlexSync Classrooms

Glossary of Terms

A list of definitions that you may find helpful in planning for the academic year.

Glossary of Terms