FlexSync Classrooms

The University is boldly transforming our campus and the learning experience through our new FlexSync technology.

With our unique design and approach, we will make our University known among students, faculty and other institutions around the globe as leaders.

What does FlexSync mean?

FlexSync courses are held in-person by instructors in the classroom with the option of remote attendance of students via Zoom. In-person attendance is strongly encouraged.  Students who need to participate remotely for any reason should contact their instructor(s) by the end of the first week of classes. Instructors may set attendance expectations for those who have not arranged remote attendance. International students attending class remotely from home countries due to pandemic travel restrictions will be granted remote attendance automatically.

FlexSync Vs. Hyflex

FlexSync courses appear as "HyFlex" when registering for classes in e-services.

FlexSync is the Maverick path to flexible learning and teaching using advanced technology. The term Hyflex is used by the Minnesota State system to describe flexible classes, but FlexSync is a much more comprehensive learning solution designed to support you.

Why FlexSync?

  • Reassurance for students that they will be successful.
  • Reassurance for faculty that we will help them teach.
  • We have the technology resources, experience and knowledge to make it happen.

FlexSync Usage Scenarios

  • Split Classroom: Ability to divide one class between two classrooms.
  • Alternating Groups: Ability for half of the class to attend in person and half to attend virtually.
  • Alternative to Absence: Ability for instructors and students to attend virtually.
  • Traditional Classroom: Ability to enhance traditional learning.

FlexSync Equipped Classrooms

FlexSync equipped classrooms are flexible, offering the ability to sync people, lectures and more.

We are preparing for the future of education, whatever it may look like, including the capability to hold classes where:

  • a class is split into two rooms,
  • students may get sick or be high risk and need to learn from home,
  • an Instructor is unable to attend class or is high risk,
  • half of the students are in a classroom at a time and half attend through Zoom,
  • traditional, full in-person classes can be easily enhanced—for example, hosting guest speakers.

FlexSync Classroom Technology

Our IT Solutions team has purchased equipment for all general use classrooms and is working full-steam this summer to equip them all with video cameras, microphones and large screen TVs in the back of each room. These will function with Zoom, giving students and instructors options of being on or away from campus while still being together as one class.

Transitioning to FlexSync Classrooms

Instructional designers, communicators, programmers, technologists and student workers are coming together to make this endeavor successful. We are planning and scheduling training for both students and staff, making it a key component in our communication with admitted and current students and providing additional support, signage and awareness with faculty.

FlexSync Teaching Resources