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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Speakers, Presenters & Performers

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Benjamin G. Khatt

Benjamin Khatt is simply an Artistâ„¢ - Fashion Model, Graphic Designer and Painter - I also make music. I interpret digital concepts with authenticity, designing my own style and reflecting it upon the lifestyle of urban and uptown city life. My works don't state them directly but mostly reflect to the opposite; my imagination in the world of wealth and consumerism.

Npooj Npaim Paj Tawg Tshiab

Npooj Npaim Paj Tawg Tshiab (NNPTT) is a cultural dance group centered around the Hmong, Thai and Lao cultures. Our group first performed during the Fall of 2011 for the Hmong Student Association's Culture Day and from there on out has participated in many different events and festivals. The purpose of the dance group is to connect students to their own cultures along with surrounding communities. We have performed for many campus events such as The Hmong Culture Day (2011, 2014), Hmong Student Association Spring and Fall Showcase (2013), Asian American Pacfic Conference (2012), The Beauty of Cultures (2012, 2013), International Festival (2012, 2013), and Asian Night (2013). Our off campus events include, Dragon Festival (2013) and Riverland Conference in Austin, MN (2013).