This event is FREE.
Event Description: Chang’s lecture on Asians in the media has been consistently ranked as one of the best diversity events in the country, because he talks directly about the issues and offers solutions. As an entertainer, he knows how to keep the audience captivated. Here are a few of Chang’s many topics (all topics will be covered):

  • How the media portrays Asians in America
  • Analysis of Asian characters from 1920-2012
  • How Asian women are treated by the Media
  • Why Asian hate crimes receive little attention
  • How student clubs can raise involvement
  • How students can make a real change
  • U.S. Japanese internment camps in the 1940’s
  • Intra-racism: Asians hating Asians
  • The importance of language & culture
  • The “Wannabe” Syndrome: Asians denying Heritage
  • For more information or question, please contact Bill Tourville at or 507-389-6076