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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Current & Upcoming Events/News


[PDF] College Open House List -click here- (448 KiB)

Free College Application Week: October 24- 31st. [PDF] Click here for participating colleges list (534 KiB)

Senior Parent Nights 2016

August 24th Sleepy Eye Public  6 pm
September 12th  Maple River  5:30 pm
September 13th  JWP 5:30 pm
September 14th  BO and Mountain Lake at BO  5:30 pm
September 20th LCWM  6 pm
September 21st Madelia 6 pm
October 3rd USC 6 pm (with FA at 7 pm)
October 4th  BEAHS 6 pm (with FA at 7 pm)
October 24th Mankato East 6 pm (with Financial Aid to follow at 7pm)

Financial Aid Nights 2016

October 3rd USC 7 pm
October 4th BEAHS 7 pm
October 10th  LCWM 6 pm
October 12th SEP 6 pm
October 17th St. James 6:30 pm
October 27th JWP 6:30 pm 
October 24th Mankato East 7 pm (Estimated time following parent night)
October 25th Madelia 6 pm
October 26th Mountain Lake/BO at BO 5:30 pm
November 3rd NRHEG at 7pm
November 7th  Maple River 5:30 pm
November 9th Madelia 6:00pm

Junior Nights 2016

October 27th  JWP  5:30 pm
November 15th LCWM 6:30 pm
November 22nd USC  6 pm
December 6th BEAHS 6 pm
January 18th Madelia 6 pm
January 31st Maple River 5:30 pm
February 6th Mankato East 5:30 pm
February 27th NRHEG 6:30 pm --- RESCHEDULED from Feb. 23rd

Sophomore Nights 2016

October 5th SEP 6 pm
March 7th JWP 5:30 pm
March 13th LCWM 5:30 pm
March 14th Maple River 5:30 pm

ACT National Test Dates - [PDF] click here (303 KiB)


Accuplacer Testing Dates - click here


ETS Scholarship

2016 Recipient:

4 year college award: Sayontan Roy-Mankato East High School

2 year college award: Hailey Schuller-NRHEG High School


Past Event Photos

TRIO Day 2016

College Tour Mania 2016

[PDF] Ultimate Goal:  College 2016 (18 MiB) [PDF] More pictures (12 MiB)

2015 Jr. High Reach for the Stars

2015 College Tour Mania