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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Repair & Replacement

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Here are R&R projects for the current fiscal year.

Bldg Description Cost
FH Controls Commissioning $90,000
Grounds Synthetic turf replcement in blocking sled area of Field 3 $15,000
HC Compound water meter replacement required by City of Mankatao $6200
NH 188 Renovate acid wash room. $48,000
AH Renovate AH 226 and 230 $97,000
NH Renovate domestic hot water tank $22,000
WA Storm drain - rain leader repairs $20,000
UP Repairs to chillers 1 and 2 $32,000
NH Rooftop HVAC units for ceramics lab $50,000
HC Clean AHU 1 $2,200
PA PA 302 - ceiling $3,500
TR Converter controls upgrade $10,000
TR Clean Room AHU and controls upgrade $10,000
TR C121 New seating $105,000
Campus-wide Steam header relief valve replacement /$25,000
HN 188 Renovate motor skills lab $42,500
ML Roof design $36,000
CORE New steam coils $6,000
HC, TC, MF Basketball nets, batting cage repairs $5,000
UP Belzona application to three chiller units $22,000
ML New advising center $1,000
UP Diesel fuel underground storage tank replacement $18,000
TR E315 Renovate $25,000
ML Carpet replacement - 2nd floor $30,000