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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Family Association Member

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All family members are automatically general members of the Family Association, but we invite you to become Associate Members or Maverick Advantage Members and join the Advisory Council. Membership details are outlined below. Your member fee is tax deductable.

General Member (no cost):

  • Email communications
  • Access to Family Website
  • Family Phone number/email
  • Access to Family events (Family Weekend, etc.)

Associate Member ($35 per family per year or $125 for the entire college career of one student
Gift is tax deductible and supports the Family Association and students):

  • All of the above, plus the following
  • Opportunity to give input on family centered communications, events, use of associate member funds, etc.
  • Copy of TODAY Magazine (the official publication of the University)
  • Discount coupon to the Barnes & Noble campus bookstore
  • VIP treatment at Family Weekend
  • Other benefits as they are finalized will be posted

 Become an Associate Member ONLINE

  • Click the button with no dollar amount, and enter the dollar amount you would like to donate (minimum amounts are listed above as the member amounts)
  • Designation: Other
  • Other: New Student and Family Programs--Family Assocation

Membership fees will be donations to the Foundation; a portion of the funds will be used to support the Family Association and the events that are planned for families of our students, while the remainder of the funds will be used to support students (possible book scholarships, emergency funds, etc.). The association will be instrumental in determining the use of the funds.