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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Student Safety

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Campus Safety and Security Tips


Minnesota State University, Mankato Security provides 24-hour, year round vehicle and foot patrol of campus grounds and buildings. As well as a 24-hour Safe Walk service for any student, employee, or guest who requests it.


Emergency phones are located around campus; call 2111 from any University phone to report emergencies on campus.



Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Here are some tips to help keep your student's safe while at Minnesota State Mankato:

  1. To report an emergency: Dial 9-1-1
  2. For non-emergency or general information, contact University Security at 507-389-2111.
  3. Campus Security offers a 24-hour Safe Walk service, call 507-389-2111 to request service.
  4. When walking, biking, or running on the University campus, please take into account the following safety tips:
    • At night, walk with a friend if possible. If you have no one to walk with, take advantage of the 24-hour Safe Walk service, call 507-389-2111
    • Avoid shortcuts. Take well-traveled and well-lit walkways.
    • Be alert and aware of the people and environment around you.
    • Trust your instincts. If someone makes you uncomfortable, even in daylight, do what is necessary to move away from them.
    • If you feel that someone is following you, go immediately to a nearby location where there are more people.
  5. When driving and parking on the university campus, please take into account the following safety tips:
    • Keep your vehicle locked at all times when it's parked AND when you are driving it. Keep the windows rolled up high enough so that an intruder cannot reach inside.
    • When you return to your vehicle, look around it and inside it before you get in.
    • Keep your vehicle well maintained. Make sure you have enough gasoline to reach your destination.
    • If you will be returning to your vehicle at night, park in a place that will be well lit when you return.
    • If your vehicle breaks down, remain inside it with the doors locked. If anyone stops to help, ask them to go call a tow truck or the police for you.
    • NEVER pick up hitchhikers. This is extremely dangerous.
    • Keep valuables (CDs, tapes, purses, briefcases, etc.) out of sight. Lock bags and packages in the car's trunk.
  6. Minnesota State University Crime Logs are public information.