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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Name: Matthew A Burns
Department: Residential Life; Title: Area Dir - Julia Sears; Type: employee
Address: 111 Carkoski Commons (Office-JS 180); Phone: 507-389-5633; Email:;

Name: Matthew D Carlson (2)
Department: Career Development Center; Title: Assistant Director; Type: employee
Address: 209 Wigley Administration Center (Office-WA 209); Phone: 507-389-6061; Email:;

Name: Matthew W Clay
Department: IT Solutions; Title: Director for Technology Consulti; Type: employee
Address: 3010 Memorial Library (Office-ML 3010); Phone: 507-389-2526; Email:;

Name: Matthew James Connolly
Department: English; Title: Faculty; Type: employee
Address: 230 Armstrong Hall (Office-AH 230); Phone: 507-389-2117; Email:;

Name: Matthew D Erickson (1)
Department: Physical Plant; Title: Carpenter; Type: employee
Address: 118 Wiecking Center (Office-WC 118); Phone: 507-389-2071; Email:;

Name: Matthew A Kaproth
Department: Biological Sciences; Title: Faculty; Type: employee
Address: 242 Trafton Science Center South (Office-TS 271); Phone: 507-389-2787; Email:;

Name: Matthew Loayza
Department: Social & Behavioral Science, College of; Title: Interim Dean, Social & Behaviora; Type: employee
Address: 111 Armstrong Hall (Office-AH 111); Phone: 507-389-5717; Email:;

Name: Matthew Malterer
Department: IT Solutions; Title: Networking Specialist; Type: employee
Address: 3010 Memorial Library (Office-ML 3010); Phone: 507-389-3207; Email:;

Name: Matthew Margenthaler
Department: Intercollegiate Athletics; Title: Head Men's BB Coach; Type: employee
Address: 135 Myers Field House (Office-TC 55); Phone: 507-389-2311; Email:;

Name: Matthew R Potocnik
Department: IT Solutions; Title: Web Applications Developer; Type: employee
Address: 3010 Memorial Library (Office-ML 3010); Phone: 507-389-6906; Email:;

Name: Matthew Michael Priem
Department: Mathematics & Statistics; Title: Faculty; Type: employee
Address: 273 Wissink Hall (Office-WH 243); Phone: 507-389-1995; Email:;

Name: Matthew A Schmidt
Department: Intercollegiate Athletics; Title: Interim Head Athletic Trainer; Type: employee
Address: 206 MSU Hockey (Office-CP 206); Phone: 507-389-1161; Email:;

Name: Matthew Sewell
Department: English; Title: Chairperson; Type: employee
Address: 230 Armstrong Hall (Office-AH 201I); Phone: 507-389-1166; Email:;

Name: Matthew Dillon Sherwood
Department: Building Services; Title: GMW; Type: employee
Address: 330 Wiecking Center (Office-WC 330); Phone: 507-389-6804; Email:;

Name: Matthew Paul Simones
Department: Auto & Manufacturing Engineering Tech; Title: Faculty; Type: employee
Address: 205 Trafton Science Center East (Office-TE 205); Phone: 507-389-6383; Email:;

Name: Matthew J Willemsen
Department: Art; Title: Faculty; Type: employee
Address: 136 Nelson Hall (Office-NH 118); Phone: 507-389-5426; Email:; www: