Victoria Nwogo, Maverick Global Ambassador

Address: CSU 250
Phone: 507-389-5200

Major and Year

I am a Nursing major and currently in my sophomore year.

Why did you choose this major

I chose Nursing because I love learning about new things and making a difference in people's lives. The healthcare area is such a diverse field, but I wanted to get into a career that would involve me interacting with people directly. The nursing profession gives me the opportunity to work in various sections of patient care.



Favorite Thing About your Home Country

My favorite thing about Nigeria is the food, culture, and diversity.

Why did you choose Minnesota State Mankato

I chose MNSU-Mankato because it has the best educational facilities that will assist me to thrive academically. It has one of the best Nursing Schools in the state that will prepare me adequately for my future career.

Favorite Memory at Minnesota State Mankato so far

My favorite memory is participating in volunteering activities on campus because I get to meet new people, learn from them and make new friends.

Favorite American Food

Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Favorite Activity to do in the Mankato Area

I love visiting recreational centers like Wow Zone. It has lots of activities like bowling, arcade games that one can engage in.

Campus Involvement

I am a member of the European Student Union on campus.

Advice for Prospective and current students

My advice to all students is to do their best and avoid comparing themselves to others. Everyone has their own path to success in life. Focus on your academics and never feel shy to ask for help because it is a part of growth and experience. Always find time to relax with family and friends as school can be really stressful. Engage in activities on campus to have a well-rounded college experience.

Future Career Plans

I plan to be an ER Nurse when I graduate and later on pursue a master's degree in Midwifery.

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