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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Guaranteed Energy Savings Program

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Guaranteed Energy Savings Program (GESP)

Report (PDF)

Energy Costs (2013)
$4,098,430/ year / Baseline

  • Electricity: 77,800 kW, $2.7 million
  • Natrual Gas: 2.2 million therms, $1 million
  • Sewer: $191,000
  • Water: $193,000

Project Annual Energy Savings= $442,683 in
Guaranteed Energy Savings &
Material Savings

Total Emissions Reduced
(Source of Metrics =
SERC/Midwest reliability Org)
~ 4,200 Metric Tons of CO2

Over 22,000 fixtures upgraded in 31 buildings to create a
modern appearance within an older space

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction in CO2 =
1st year = 4,214 Metric tons
20 year = 84,280 Metric tons

LED Lighting Upgrades The end result provided a more open and brighter space. Improved night-time visibility and safety
Control Upgrades (Library VFDs & Economizer Programming) Pump Speed Reduction = Energy Savings
Boiler #4 Control Upgrades Removed unsupported, outdated controls with latest technology
Central Boiler Plant Improvements Improved Feedwater and Deaerator Controls
Belimo Energy Valves Precise Control of Chilled Water to “Free-Up” Chiller Capacity
Chiller #2 VFD Precise and clean installation, Chiller Modulation for Improved Performance


Encouraging responsible stewardship of our resources on and off campus