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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Faculty Course Proposal

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Honors instructors are selected for their excellent reputation as scholars, teachers, and mentors. They enjoy creating innovative educational experiences and are dedicated to student success in and out of the classroom. Both faculty and staff may propose an honors course. 

The Honors Program seeks both general education and advanced seminar courses (HONR401) that develop leadership, research, and global citizenship competencies. Please use this [PDF] competency rubric (201 KiB) when designing your course.

You will need to attach a syllabus. Here is [PDF] Sample Syllabus of Honors 401 Seminar (615 KiB)

You will need to attach a syllabus. Here is a [PDF] Sample Syllabus from Honors Gen Ed Class (575 KiB)

Proposals can be submitted at any time.  The deadline for submitting a proposal for consideration during the 2017-2018 cycle (course proposals to be included in the Honors Program offerings during 2019-2020) is February 28, 2018.  With questions, please e-mail Dr. Anne Dahlman at or call 507-389-5703. 

Past Courses:

[PDF] 2010-2011 Courses (38 KiB)

[PDF] 2011-2012 Courses (53 KiB)

[PDF] 2012-2013 Courses (47 KiB)

[PDF] 2013-2014 Courses (212 KiB)

[PDF] 2014-2015 Courses (362 KiB)

[PDF] 2015-2016 Courses (197 KiB)

[PDF] 2016-2017 Courses (105 KiB)