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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Honors Mentors

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Who are the mentors?

The Honors Mentors are a group of students who are available to lead and advise students in the MSU, Mankato Honors Program. Information and contact emails for the mentors can be found under the Peer Mentors tab. The Mentors have completed or are enrolled in the Developing Your Mentor Philosophy Honors course, where they develop mentoring and leadership skills through discovery of, utilization of, and reflection upon mentoring experiences. These students are continually developing their mentor skills and abilities, but have developed a foundation of how to be effective, confident, and relatable mentors.

What do the mentors do?

The Mentors are involved in various areas of Honors including the First Year Experience Honors course, fall retreat, Honors co-curricular events, and many campus organizations too! The Honors Mentors help aid in building an Honors community that is inclusive and motivating, through building relationships and connecting individuals to others and the Honors Program. They are prepared to field questions and share their expertise about a variety of topics such as: major, minor, study abroad experiences, campus organizations, honors events, and more. They even host a regular “Homework Helpers” session every Tuesday at 5pm in the Honors Lounge!

How do I get a mentor?

The Peer Mentor Program does not have a formal process for assigning mentors - you get to choose! Feel free to contact the mentors via their MNSU email or contact the Honors Program Director to help find a match. The mentors are available to answer a variety of questions about the Honors Program, to give advice about navigating the competencies, to share about study abroad experiences, to offer advice about their major, minor, or language study, and many other things.

Click here to see the list of mentors! Learn about who they are, view their photo, read their advice, and find links to their emails!

How do I become a mentor?

Enroll in the HONR 401: Developing Your Mentor Philosophy course. In this course you will identify mentor qualities and roles, evaluate mentor techniques and characteristics, apply knowledge of mentor philosophies, and create your own mentoring philosophy.

Apply to the Honors Leadership and Citizenship Learning Community. This non-residential learning community is for second or third year students who have an interest in developing their leadership and citizenship skills through service both within the Honors Program and on campus in general.

Attend specific Honors co-curricular activities where you will be required to plan, lead, or host the event.

Include reflections on mentoring activities in your efolio.

Continue progress in Honors Program academic requirements such as language and competency development.


For the mentors about navigating the competencies, want to learn more about study abroad, want to find a mentor with your major, or have other questions for them you can email them through their email. Click here to see the list of mentors.

About the mentor program: Please contact the program by emailing