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Comings and Goings


The lists below represent "New Hires" and "Separations" that have occured during the
three weeks prior to the date shown on the report.

New Hires and Rehires

Begin Date Name Department Barg As Of
20150210 Munch, Holly Biological Sciences                      209 05-Mar-15
20150216 Riesenberg, Jeremy New Student and Family Programs 211 05-Mar-15
20150216 Fredericksen, Stephanie Student Health Services 206 05-Mar-15
20150216 Kolas, Antonia Student Health Services 211 05-Mar-15
20150217 Engquist, John Admissions                               211 05-Mar-15
20150219 Deike, Haley Student Health Services 214 05-Mar-15
20150223 Baldwin, Loralea Student Financial Services 206 05-Mar-15
20150224 Enter, Mark Physical Plant                           202 05-Mar-15
20150302 Zellmann, Jody Nursing, School of                       218 05-Mar-15
20150303 Schmidt, Jessica Nursing, School of                       218 05-Mar-15
20150316 Dubbelde, Crystal Social Work                              209 05-Mar-15


Separated Name Department Barg As Of
20150213 Mann, Jacqueline University Stores                        206 05-Mar-15
20150302 Hoffmann, Christie Planning & Construction                  212 05-Mar-15
20150220 DeJong, Todd Intercollegiate Athletics                218 05-Mar-15