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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Years of Service

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The Employee Recognition Committee believes it is important to acknowledge and recognize employees for their years of valuable service to Minnesota State Mankato. Service Awards are presented by President Davenport at a yearly ceremony held in their honor. (Photos from past events)

5 Years
Name Department
Ross Aalgaard Social Work
Jen Adams Undergraduate Admissions
Linda Alvarez Equal Opportunity & Title IX
Heath Anderson Anthropology
Bradley Arsznov Psychology
Bradley Barnard University Security
Berit Bates Student Health Services
Timothy Berry Center for Educator Support
Justin Biel History
Casey Boone IT Solutions
Monte Byron IT Solutions
Vicky Cai Teaching & Learn: K-12 & Secondary Pgrms
Rachel Cohen Biological Sciences
Mark Constantine Centennial Student Union
Angela Jill Cooley History
Rhonda Cornell Nursing, School of
Brad Coulter Art
Barb Dahlen Nursing, School of
Tammy Diehn Student Health Services
Hamdi Elnuzahi International Student & Scholar Services
Kim Enz Student Health Services
Sarah Epplen Sociology & Corrections
Abby Fitcher IT Solutions
Russell Fricano Urban and Regional Studies Institute
Paulkani Gunderson Field and International Experience
Jon Hassing Physical Plant
Megan Heutmaker Multicultural Center
Rachel Hickey Residential Life
Luke Howk Business, College of
Nate Huettl Planning & Construction
Loren Jansen University Security
Jason Kaufman Educational Leadership
Trisha Krenik-Matejcek Dental Hygiene
Teresa Kruizenga Teaching & Learn: K-12 & Secondary Pgrms
Trudy Kunkel Government
Phil Larson Geography
Terry Lewis Physical Plant
Beth Lohrenz International Student & Scholar Services
Megan Mahowald Speech, Hearing and Rehabilitation Services
Chelsea Mead Anthropology
Tammy Melvin Receiving and Delivery Services
Carrie Miller IT Solutions
Min Min Mathematics & Statistics
Becca Moen Chemistry & Geology
Christine Mollenkopf-Pigsley Social & Behavioral Science, College of
Kevin Morton University Security
Olga Nelson Center for English Language Programs
Becky Perrine Library Services
Harry R Petersen IT Solutions
Matt Potocnik IT Solutions
Glen Poupore English
Joel Prybylla IT Solutions
Craig Rasmussen Physical Plant
Kathy Richie Marketing & International Business
Jeffrey Rosamond Library Services
Nicole Schmitz Nursing, School of
Ellen Schofield Art
Katie Schultz Center for English Language Programs
Heidi Southworth Library Services
Tara Sprengeler Human Resources
Lindsay Stepan Center for Academic Success
Tracy Stokes-Hernandez Science, Engineering & Tech., College of
Jake Swanson Integrated Engineering
Stephanie Thorpe Music
Michael Thursby Music
Cheryl Trahms Management
Joe Visker Health Science
Benjamin Von Korff Water Resources Center
Sean Wachsmuth Teach & Learning: Special Education Dept.
Dana Wagner Teach & Learning: Special Education Dept.
Ginny Walters Honors
Marilyn Wells Academic Affairs
Alan Werden Residential Life
Liz Williamsen English
Josh Winkler Art
John Workman IT Solutions
Xuanhui Wu Elec. & Comp. Engineering & Technology
Julie Wulfemeyer Philosophy
Fan Zhang PALS Development
Eric Ziesmer Building Services
10 Years
Name Department
Melissa Allen Children's House
David Beimers Social Work
John Bulcock Student Activities
Kristie Campana Psychology
Kirsti Cole English
Rhonda Dass Anthropology
Hans De Ruiter Nursing, School of
Shari  Dickerman Intercollegiate Athletics
Stephen Druschel Mechanical & Civil Engineering
Don Ebel Sociology & Corrections
Marvin Gag Building Services
Robert Harris Physical Plant
Joe Holtermann Library Services
Carly Hopper Campus Recreation
Mark Johnson IT Solutions
Ali Key Student Financial Services
Todd Knott Intercollegiate Athletics
Karla Lassonde Psychology
Amy Lauters Mass Media
Joseph Lehman IT Solutions
Ishuan Li Economics
Tamara Liebl Business Services
Gina Maahs-Zurbey Arts and Humanities, College of
Darcy Matthews Student Health Services
Michael Menne IT Solutions
Debra Norman Academic Affairs
Jennifer Osmundson Building Services
Tom Peterson Aviation
Melissa Purdue English
Candace Raskin Educational Leadership
Carol Reedstrom Communication Sciences & Disorders Center
Scott Rideout Intercollegiate Athletics
Amy Sander Intercollegiate Athletics
Daniel Stark Theatre and Dance
Laura Strunk Social Work
Jenny Turner Library Services
Bobbi Urban Student Support Services
Heather Von Bank Family Consumer Science
Damon Whitcomb IT Solutions
Greg Wilkins Student Activities
Carlos Zaleski Physical Plant
15 Years
Name Department
Jacqueline Arnold English
Sue Bell Nursing, School of
Tom Brown Physics & Astronomy
Jennifer Chelstrom Undergraduate Admissions
Sarah Downey Intercollegiate Athletics
Nancy Drescher English
Jodi Engeland Student Health Services
Vaughn Engelby Building Services
Mary Hadley Chemistry & Geology
Annelies Hagemeister Social Work
Autumn Hamilton Health Science
Bonnie Hanson Allied Health & Nursing, College of
Mika Laidlaw Art
Bethann Lovoie Biological Sciences
Alex Lazar PALS Development
Matt Loayza Social & Behavioral Science, College of
Medea Myhra Environment, Health, Safety & Risk Mgmt.
Deborah Nykanen Mechanical & Civil Engineering
Ken Park Economics
Katherine Pitts Campus Hub
Evan Rusch Library Services
Jessica Schomberg Library Services
Timothy Secott Biological Sciences
Kyle Snay PALS Development
Nicole Stock New Student and Family Programs
Daniel Swart Chemistry & Geology
Leah White Communication Studies
Diane Wiley Water Resources Center
20 Years
Name Department
Torin Akey Residential Life
Margaret Current Residential Life
Kathryn Elliott Anthropology
Lynnette Engeswick Human Performance
Debra Gohagan Social Work
Brian Groh Chemistry & Geology
Michael Hirmer Vehicles
John Jensen Building Services
John Krenz Biological Sciences
Javier-Jose Lopez-Jimenez Geography
Perry Madden PALS Development
Timothy Marshall Intercollegiate Athletics
Kevin Morgan Physical Plant
Elizabeth Olmanson English
Leslie Peterson Library Services
Marie Pomije Chemistry & Geology
Miriam Porter Urban and Regional Studies Institute
Toya Schmidtke Student Health Services
Frederick Slocum Government
Rick Straka Finance & Admin
Denise Thompson Social & Behavioral Science, College of
Colleen Varuska Undergraduate Admissions
Christophe Veltsos Computer Information Science
Michael Wells Computer Information Science
Gerald  Wright Physical Plant
Karen Wright KMSU Radio
25 Years
Name Department
Abdalla Battah Government
James Makovsky Intercollegiate Athletics
Martin Mitchell Geography
Harry Petersen Auto & Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Kevin Schull Mechanical & Civil Engineering
Patrick Sexton Human Performance
Pamela Weller Career Development Center
30 Years
Name Department
Abo-El-Yazeed Habib Accounting and Business Law
Mark Hall Marketing & International Business
Han-Way Huang Elec. & Comp. Engineering & Technology
John Humphrey Philosophy
Julie Kerr-Berry Theatre and Dance
Muhammad Khaliq Elec. & Comp. Engineering & Technology
Amy Kopachek Registrar's Office
Richard Liebendorfer Philosophy
Pamela Lillis Residential Life
Gregg Marg Biological Sciences
Steven Reuter Teaching & Learning: Elem & Literacy Ed
Jill Ryan Ctr for Educator Partnerships & Student Support
Wendy Schuller Human Resources
Kathryn Wilcox Business, College of
Hai-Sheng Wu Physics & Astronomy
35 Years
Name Department
John Caven Elec. & Comp. Engineering & Technology
Betty Consoer Student Health Services
Jane Tastad Reporter
40 Years
Name Department
Denis Becker Science, Engineering & Tech., College of
Rich Wheeler Residential Life
45 Years
Name Department
Diane Hamilton Student Financial Services