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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Glossary of HR Terms

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Bargaining Unit
A group of occupationally related employees who are treated the same for terms and conditions of employment and may be represented by a labor union. Employees are part of bargaining units represented by AFSCME, MAPE, MMA. IFO, MSCF, MSUAASF, etc. (See Also Collective Bargaining)

Base Salary
Compensation paid for a full time annualized appointment. Partial appointments are prorated.

Bereavement Leave
Paid leave that an eligible employee may use in the event of the death of a family or household member as defined by the terms of the employee's employment contract or collective bargaining agreement.

Board of Trustees
The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities is governed by a 15-member Board of Trustees appointed by the governor. The Board has policy responsibility for system planning, academic programs, fiscal management, personnel, admissions requirements, tuition and fees, and rules and regulations.

Bureau of Mediation Services
The State of Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services provides neutral mediation of collective bargaining disputes. Such disputes arise over the negotiation of terms and conditions of a labor contract or as a result of an alleged violation of the provisions of an existing labor contract. The former is referred to as "contract mediation" and the latter as "grievance mediation."