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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Administrators - Unclassified Reappointments

Administrators that have a continued appointment are reappointed yearly in this process to establish their assignments and pay for the following year.

  1. Reappointment Documents

    Human Resources will prepare a reappointment form for each Administrator which provides the attributes of the individual’s appointment for the next fiscal year based on the previous year.

    The President or appropriate Vice President should review the documents to determine if the form has the appropriate information. This is a draft and should be changed as necessary. This might be a change in percent of time, duty days, sabbatical leaves or funding sources.

    The President or Vice President should make any necessary changes to the form, sign the document and forward to Human Resources.

  2. Unclassified Personnel Documents (UPD)

    Interim, acting or temporary appointments must be processed on a UPD as the reappointment process is intended to expedite those that do not have exceptions or movement to another position.

  3. Finalized Appointment Document (View Sample Document)

    Human Resources will produce a SCUPPS generated finalized appointment document which details the title, appointment status, range, base salary, and contracted salary for the fiscal year.

    Human Resources will send the finalized appointment document to the President's or Vice President's Office for distribution.