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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Classified and Unclassified Service

"Classified" and "Unclassified" are two frequently used terms referenced in conjunction with positions at Minnesota State Mankato. In short, a position is either "classified" or "unclassified" as defined by state statute.

Classified Service

Classified service is defined as all positions now existing or hereafter created in the civil service and not specifically designated unclassified pursuant to M.S. 43A.08 or other enabling legislation.

Furthermore, every classified (service) position is assigned to a specific job classification based on the similarities of duties and responsibilities to the respective job class specifications. Job class specifications exist for over 1,300 job classifications. Each class specification is a general description of the kind of work performed by employees in that classification.

Examples of classified service jobs include but are not limited to: Account Clerk, Account Clerk Senior, Delivery Van Driver, Office & Administrative Specialist (OAS), OAS Intermediate, Principal, and Senior.

Unclassified Service

Unclassified Service refers to any position NOT included in Classified Service, such as Administrators, Faculty, and MSUAASF positions.

Minnesota Statute 43A.08 defines unclassified service as; presidents, vice-presidents, deans, other managers and professionals in academic and academic support programs, administrative or service faculty, teachers, research assistants, and student employees eligible under terms of the federal Economic Opportunity Act work study program in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, but not the custodial, clerical, or maintenance employees, or any professional or managerial employee performing duties in connection with the business administration.