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Job Classifications

Every classified (service) position is assigned to a specific job classification based on the similarities of duties and responsibilities to the respective job class specifications.

Job class specifications exist for over 1,300 job classifications. Each class specification is a general description of the kind of work performed by employees in that classification.

Jobs at comparable levels which require similar knowledge skills and abilities are grouped into a single classification. Classifications at different levels which require same type of knowledge, skills and abilities are grouped into a classification series.

Minnesota Management & Budget (MMB) maintains an official listing of job classes and their specifications which are currently in classified service.

State of Minnesota Job Class Specifications include:

  • The formal class title of the position
  • A brief description of the kind of work performed
  • The nature and purpose of the position
  • Examples of work
  • The knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required to perform the job.

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Alternatively, unclassified positions are assigned to either a designated salary range, or in the case of Faculty, a specified rank.  Minnesota State Mankato works with the Office of the Chancellor and respective bargaining units as it relates to unclassified position descriptions, placement of positions, salary range, etc.

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