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Job Posting 

  1. The search for new faculty and staff is an exercise in public relations as well as an effort to fill a vacant position. Poorly worded, misleading, or imprecisely written job postings are factors that may reflect adversely on a potential applicant's perception of the university and the department/unit seeking to fill a position.

  2. The Job Posting shall include a statement of the position's responsibilities, minimum qualifications, other considerations title of position, application deadline date or date review of applications begins, date of appointment, rank (if applicable), salary range (or "salary commensurate with experience" clause), type of appointment (probationary or fixed term) and collective bargaining affiliation or personnel plan, if any.  The name, address, phone number, and e-mail address of the search chair.   Committee chairs are encouraged to provide their FAX number on the Job Posting (for job posting examples, see /hr/vacancy/).

  3. The Job Posting must be accurate. Information in the Job Posting becomes part of the contract with the employee. Once a Job Posting is posted for a specific position the search committee must abide by the information in the posting. The qualifications or responsibilities shall not be amended or changed to suit the needs of candidates that apply.

  4. The position responsibilities on the Job Posting include the tasks or functions that are required of the position incumbent. A vacant or new position is an opportunity for a department or administrative unit to review staffing needs in relation to future goals.  Depending on the future goals of a unit, the responsibilities of the vacant position may be different from its historical function.

    The position responsibilities must be sufficiently descriptive that prospective applicants will understand the purpose and functions of the job for which they are considering applying.  There are three elements in a position description:  (1) general functions of the position; (2) specific position responsibilities, and (3) position relationships.  A well-conceived and well-written job posting has several beneficial effects:  the Search Committee will be able to focus on exactly what is desired in the successful applicant; it provides specific guidelines to determine qualifications criteria; it enables potential applicants to better determine if they wish to apply for the position; and it serves as a performance guideline for the future.

  5. The “minimum qualifications” section on the Job Posting describes the education, experience, and skills that are required of individuals seeking to hold the position.  A clearly defined educational and experiential qualifications section will help reduce the number of applications from persons who are not qualified for the position.  Qualifications criteria must correlate with job-related activities.  Carefully thought out educational and experiential qualifications are the tools for the recruitment and selection process; they are the bases for matching potential employees to the needs of the position.

    Qualifications must be professionally relevant. At a minimum, they must include formal education, professional or employment experience, professional accomplishments, and/or demonstrated competencies. It is desirable to include cultural and/or volunteer experiences that are applicable to the position being filled.

    It is important to think carefully about what qualifications are required. The qualifications should be sufficiently rigorous to assure the candidate appointed will be successful in the position, but not so rigorous that the applicant pool is exclusively small.

    MSUAASF or Administrator positions only:  the “minimum qualifications” section of the Job Posting should replicate the official position description on file in Human Resources. 

  6. "Other considerations" are those criteria you may use to evaluate qualified candidates. They are not required qualifications but are relevant to your selection decision.

  7. Include a statement indicating the institutions commitment to diversity, i.e., “ability to work with diverse student populations and to incorporate issues of gender and/or ethnic diversity in course work” or “commitment to multicultural/gender-fair/disability-aware education.”

  8. “Related Information” – this is a marketing tool.  Tell them about MSU, provide links to specific information they may be interested in (i.e., Web sites for Minnesota State Manakto, college/department). Make sure and use this opportunity to "sell" Minnesota State Mankato to prospective applicants. This section will include the link to the appropriate collective bargaining agreement and the Notice of Vehicle Fleet Safety Program language.

  9. Recruitment and employment of teaching faculty tend to be cyclical.  It is preferable to publish or distribute job postings early in the academic year while the pool of potential applicants is rich in both numbers and diversity.

  10. Job Postings are not to be advertised prior to approval of Human Resources and the appropriate Vice President or Dean.