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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

About the Humanities

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Most simply, the Humanities are the ways in which human beings and human cultures express themselves and their values through philosophy, religion, history, literature, and the visual and performing arts (including architecture, painting, sculpture, dance, theater, and music).  Humanities students look for the connections and links among these areas in the contexts of a particular period or society and engage in the critical analysis and study of those connections.

Industry leaders today are emphasizing the need for employees who have these skills:  collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication, and global awareness.  A Humanities major or minor complements a variety of career choices because it provides the skills that employers in every field are demanding!  

Students who majored in Humanities have a wide range of career options

  • post-graduate studies and academic careers in Humanities or other areas
  • professional fields like law or medicine or theology
  • careers in public, private or non-profit fields

The Humanities Program helps prepare students to

  • use language to communicate effectively in writing and speaking
  • locate information from a variety of sources and think critically about it
  • discover patterns of relationships within this information and sources
  • view these patterns within cultural and historical perspectives for global awareness
  • assess the beliefs, values, and ideologies that lie beneath or within these patterns and perspectives.

The Humanities student

  • is aware of the diversity and richness of the many traditions that have formed the basis of our modern global society
  • understands the complexities of beliefs and ways of life that both unite and divide people
  • is able to examine systems of thought and expression with a critical eye
  • can communicate his or her thoughts through writing, speaking and other means of expression.


Director: Dr. Gwen Westerman


Humanities Program
230 Armstrong Hall
Mankato, MN  56001