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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato
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  • Connecting Borders

    Connecting Borders

  • Music


  • Colorful Flag Parade

    Colorful Flag Parade

  • Activities for All Ages

    Activities for All Ages

  • Delicious World Foods

    Delicious World Foods

  • Cultural Gifts and Crafts

    Cultural Gifts and Crafts

  • Opening Dignitary Ceremony

    Opening Dignitary Ceremony

  • Silent Auction - Over 200 Items!

    Silent Auction - Over 200 Items!


Program and Schedule

Building and Maps

Food and Cultural Vendors Application

Children's World

List of Activities:

  1. East Asia Activity:
    • Pitch-pot
    • Sumo Smash Board Game
  2. Africa activity:
    • African Dolls
  3. Australia craft activity:
    • Clay Molding
  4. South Asia:
    • Henna
    • Ludo Board Game
  5. Middle East:
    • Coloring
    • Puzzles
    • Legos
  6. Movie Zone

**Completion of an game: Each children will receive one glow stick**

***Completion of 5 activities will have create the Olympic Symbol with glow sticks***

Prizes for completion of symbol will be the surprise

International Entertainment

Professional Performers

  • Trinidad Band
  • On the Way to Uskudar
  • Kalpulli Yaocenoxtli
  • Rumki Sarkar (India)
  • Gautam Sarkar (Indian)
  • Everett Smithson Band
  • Urban Flavor
  • Student Dance Performers

    Group Name Country Representated Participants
    BSSR India Bindu, Sravya, Sanjusha, Ravali
    MJ India Pavan, Samarth, Aparna
    AJA India Aparna, Alekhya, Jaspreet

    Student Song Performers

    Group Name Country Representated Participants
    Kiana Group Mixed Kiana, Shourav, Hoda, Jamal, Masa
    Hoda & Udu Mixed Udu, Hoda
    Subhan Group Pakistan Subhan, Jamal, Sarkar
    Rabin Group Nepal Pooja, Rabin
    Didar Bangladesh Didar, Ilham
    Prashant & Suhan Nepal Prashant, Suhan
    Keerthena India Keerthena
    Christian Mayala Drcongo Christian Mayala
    Asaka Japan Asaka Shimizu

    Other Student Performers

    Name Country Representated Act Participants
    Magicican Asif Bangladesh Magic Asif Uddin

Cultural Booths

Pakistan Student Assoc. (PSA)
Japanese Studen Assoc. (JIA)
Korean Student Assoc. (KSA)
Student Association of India (SAI)
Bangladesh Student Org. (BSO)
Tony Souvenirs
Minnesota Welsh Association
AFS Intercultural Programs
Ugandan Culture
Taylor corp
Latin American
Sons of Norway
Egyptian Booth
Freindship Family Program

Food Booths

Name Serving/Needs
Japan Karage Chicken
Bangladesh Pani Puri & Lassi
Pakistan Kulfi Ice Cream
Korea Shaved Iced Dessert
China Chicken Wings
Hmong Eggrolls & Thai Tea
Nepal Mo:Mo
Asian Pacific Student Organization Cream Cheese Wonton
Liberia & Gambia Jollof Rice w/ Puff Puff Zobo Ginger beer
Stadium Mart Gyro, falafel, desserts, tea & more

Silent Auction—Heritage Room

Silent Auction proceeds help to fund scholarships for international students as well as future International Festivals.

Bid on donated items in the Heritage Room. Such items may include:

  • Ethnic clothing
  • Jewlery
  • Cards
  • Pottery
  • Household decorations
  • MSU Merchandise

The auction ends at 3:00 p.m.