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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato
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  • 2017 Rhythm of Our Nations
  • Music


  • Colorful Flag Parade

    Colorful Flag Parade

  • Activities for All Ages

    Activities for All Ages

  • Delicious World Foods

    Delicious World Foods

  • Cultural Gifts and Crafts

    Cultural Gifts and Crafts

  • Opening Dignitary Ceremony

    Opening Dignitary Ceremony

  • Silent Auction - Over 200 Items!

    Silent Auction - Over 200 Items!


Program and Schedule

Building and Maps

Children's World

List of Activities:

  1. Africa
    • Paper plate masks
    • Clay art
  2. Europe
    • Face painting flags
    • Tic Tac Toe
    • Greek Mythse
  3. East Asia
    • Paper art
    • Paper tube carp
  4. Latin America
    • Seed planting
    • Animal coloring
  5. Middle East
    • Hijab/Saudi head wrap experience
    • Learning your name in other languages
  6. South Asia
    • Beading
    • Wall arts
  7. Movies and Popcorn

International Entertainment

Professional Performers



  • Every Tuesday Night
    – Scottish music
  • Scot Eichorst
    – Spanish and Italian guitar

Student Performers:

  • Takuya and Friends
    – Dance
  • Prashant Karki
    – Rap
  • Ojaswi and Friends
    – Dance
  • Pradeep and Friends
    – Dance

Cultural Booths

Name/Organization Representing…
Susana Chiong Peru
Jane Dow Mankato Area Fair Trade/ USA
CJ FU China
Marco Lumbreras Mexico
Friendship Family Mankato Area /USA
Annie Muske USA
Heewon Suh/ISA International culture
Heewon Suh/KSO Korea
Jamaican Jamaica
Mohammed Alhaddad Kuwait
Ammar Aljuhani Saudi
Subhan Khalid Pakistan
Parisha Nepal
Jane Laven International culture
Marielle Jenquin German
Laura Peterson Gladys Olson International
Nao Takahashi Japan
Othmane Sekkat Morrocco
Wilbur Women's Craft Collective
Tonmoy Paul Bangladesh
Nodir Boymatov Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan
Speed Caricuture International culture
MNSU Library USA
Karen Abbott Norway
KIC International culture

Food Booths

Name Serving/Needs
PSA (RSO) serving ice cream. Ballroom near entrance
JIA (RSO) main floor between Barned and Noble
NESTCOM in front of staircase near entrance in Mav Ave [library side]
VASA (RSO) main floor or lower level CSU
APSO (RSO) not on the same floor as vasa
NIGERIA anywhere
SAI anywhere
GUAC lower level CSU
KSA (RSO) needs electricity, needs access to ice machine, main floor or lower level CSU
BSO (RSO) anywhere
CHARLEY'S needs extra table and electricity, furthest corner in the ballroom
STADIUM MART needs access to hotbox, near Ostrander and Barnes & Noble
NON PROFIT ORG. ballroom

Silent Auction—Heritage Room

Silent Auction proceeds help to fund scholarships for international students as well as future International Festivals.

Bid on donated items in the Heritage Room. Such items may include:

  • Ethnic clothing
  • Jewlery
  • Cards
  • Pottery
  • Household decorations
  • MSU Merchandise

The auction ends at 3:00 p.m.