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Ice Breaker & Games (09/2/2015) - CSU 264; 11am - 1pm

A fun way to meet new people and get to know them. Domestic students are encouraged to attend and get to know some of our international students! Several different ice-breakers and games are facilitated and students can come and go. Refreshments provided for participants.

Internation Comedy Hour(Videos) (09/9/2015) - CSU 264; 11am - 1pm

Watch comics from around the world express their own unique perspectives on humor. Refreshments provided to participants.

What`s in a Name? (09/16/2015) - CSU 264; 11am - 1pm

A discussion about the origins of names (including yours!) and how culture influences naming conventions around the world. Refreshments provided to participants.

Advice from Experienced Engineering Students & Professors (09/23/2015) - CSU 264; 11am - 1pm

Join current engineering students and/or professors to ask questions about how best to complete your program successfully or to learn about the field if you are thinking of changing majors! Refreshments provided.

Feeling Homesick? (09/30/2015) - CSU 264; 11 am : 1pm

Join a professional from our counseling center and other students who may naturally be beginning to feel homesick for mutual support and to learn some common coping skills.I


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