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A Cisco phone on a desk in an office setting

We offer comprehensive services for telephones, cell phones, voicemail, and more for faculty and staff at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

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Phone services

Desk phones including voicemail service

Cell phones

Conference calling

And more services, including:

  • Portable Wi-Fi phones
  • Conference room phones 
  • Classroom and hallway phones
  • Services for individuals with hearing impairments

Our phones use VoIP (voice over IP) technology that utlizes the network for voice communication rather than phone wiring. They also act as an emergency broadcast system.

Configure Your Phone

Most options can be accessed directly from your phone, but to configure certain tools like call forwarding if you're off campus, setting up speed dials, and more, log into the Cisco Portal.

Log in with your StarID and StarID password. If you don't currently have permission, contact Julie Keck. 

Log in to Cisco portal

Authorized Usage Guidelines

Personal Calls

Telephones are permitted to be used for very limited personal calls provided that there is no incremental cost for the call and must be done on personal time. Excessive use of personal calls may lead to disciplinary action.

Long Distance

Long distance calls are to be used for business calls only. State of Minnesota Statute strictly prohibits any and all personal long distance calls on state-owned telephones.

Training & Contact us

Need assistance with your phone? Receive training by contacting Julie Keck.

JULIE KECK, Telecommunications Coordinator, 507.389.2226


For feedback or concerns, please contact Bryan Schneider.

BRYAN SCHNEIDER, Assistant CIO & Director of Technology Services, 507.389.5993

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