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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Classroom Based Lecture Capture

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In-class lecture capture can provide a useful way for instructors to record their lectures as they deliver them live for their students. The lectures can be used as a review or study guide for later assessments or, at the instructor's discretion, for learners who were absent from class.

ITS currently supports two major options for in-class lecture capture: Camtasia Relay, which can be downloaded and installed on any in-class computer or personal laptop, and NCast, which requires departments to outfit rooms with cameras and specialized software. If you are interested in receiving a cost estimate for outfitting a room with NCast technology, please contact Damon Whitcomb.


NCast Equipment List

The NCAST system has been successfully rolled out in several departments and has a one-time price-tag of approximately $12,000 per room for a two-camera set up. For details and specifics on current standards, please contact Damon Whitcomb.