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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Publication Opportunities

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Want to see what the research literature in education and technology says for yourself? Want to disseminate your SoTL research findings? Below are some related journals, trade publications, web sites for you to consider. We also include persons of interest on Twitter and other social media that ATS reads on a regular basis to try to stay apprised of innovations in the educational technology space. Let us know if we've missed something important!

Academic and Peer-Reviewed Journals:

Trade Publications:

Websites for Learning Resources and Professional Organizations:

U.S. Department of Education Reports:

Social Media Persons of Interest:

  • @EDUCAUSEPodcast (Twitter)
  • @ByJenna (Twitter) - Higher Education Reporter for the Star Tribune.
  • @courosa (Twitter) - Professor, Researcher, and Speaker in Educational Technology.