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– Minnesota State University, Mankato
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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Page address: https://www.mnsu.edu/its/academic/online/

A Successful online and/or blended course incorporates multiple teaching strategies and technology tools including:

  1. Learning Management System (LMS)--Desire2Learn, complete with profile pages, announcements, online discussions, content integration, quizzes, grade book
  2. Interactive modules, learning enhancing software
  3. Formative and summative digital assessments
  4. Digital classroom management skills
  5. Integrative classroom technologies
  6. Technology support

Meet Team Integrate, we are available for the following services:

Transitioning Traditional Courses to Digital courses

·        Digital course conversion seminars

Program and Individual Digital Course:

·        Designing strategies for course conversions

·        Creating technology goals

·        Assisting with instructional software tools

·        Assisting with Learning Management System--Desire2Learn

o   Providing one-on-one, classroom, and online D2L training for faculty and staff

o   Supporting faculty, staff, students via email, chat and phone

o   Troubleshooting problems, in coordination with D2L Support group

·        Incorporating  best practices online teaching and learning

·        Integrating Classroom Technologies

o   Projectors, DVD, VCR, Document Camera and smartboards

o   Video/audio production

Desire2Learn Course Management:

  • All your D2L needs are on our D2L page

Coordination with MSU Partners

External resources

  • Book publishers, testbank providers, survey and software vendors

For more information contact:

·        Desire2Learn                                        Jeff Henline

·        Instructional Design                              Dr. David Georgina

·        Learning Enhancement Software         Marni Dunning

·        Classroom Technologies                      Matt Clay