iSALT Project

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Spring 2014 Projects:

  • Project 1: Desire2Learn Template for Quality Matters (QM) Online Courses
  • Project 2: The Maverick Comprehensive Learning Analytics Support System (MavCLASS)
  • Project 3: TelePresence for Teaching and Learning
  • Project 4: Using Simulation Game to Support Student Learning in Capital Improvement Budget 
  • Project 5: Measuring "Flow" in English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes
  • Project 6: Evaluation of a Flipped Operations Management Class
  • Project 7: Development of an Accessibility Solution to PC-Spim
  • Project 8: Linking Team Based Guided-Inquiry to Improved Student Performance in Organic and Biochemistry


 Fall 2014 Projects:

  • Project 1: Examining the self-efficacy of future recreation, parks, and leisure services supervisors
  • Project 2: This is for Real! Examining the Effectiveness of a Service-Learning Project in a Marketing Class
  • Project 3: Assessing Faculty Members’ Self-Efficacy Beliefs about Teaching with Technology
  • Project 4: Formative Evaluation of a Graduate Student Certificate Program
  • Project 5: You Want Me to Tweet in Class? An Analysis of Graduate Students’ Use of Twitter in Class
  • Project 6: An Analysis of Using Twitter to Enhance Student’s Learning and Engagement in Class
  • Project 7: Does the new collaborative classroom enhance teaching and learning? Perspectives from the faculty and students
  • Project 8: Using differentiated feedback strategies to motivate students in a statistics class