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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Screen Capture / Lecture Capture

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What is Lecture Capture?

Lecture capture refers to the process of recording a lecture that the instructor will place on the Web for students to watch online. This practice can be used in both face-to-face courses and, obviously, in fully online classes. For ideas on how to use lecture capture to engage your learners, please see our companion document.

Enterprise Tools: 

These tools are fully supported. Contact the ITS Service Desk at 507.389.6654 for assistance.

  • Camtasia Relay- Camtasia Relay is a software-based solution that allows faculty to record lectures from their personal computers. You will need your own microphone and, if you wish, webcam. Presentations are published to Kaltura, and an email is sent to the instructor, which then can be embedded into D2L or other systems. 
  • Classroom-based Lecture Capture- In-class lecture capture can provide a useful way for instructors to record their lectures as they deliver them live for their students. The lectures can be used as a review or study guide for later assessments or, at the instructor's discretion, for learners who were absent from class.
  • HD Recording Studio- The HD recording studio is a high-quality recording studio located in the Faculty Resource Center in the basement of Memorial Library. The studio features professional quality lighting, studio-quality audio, and HD video of the instructor, as well as presentation capture. View a sample lecture.

Staff Favorite Tools: 

These tools are not supported. These are favorite tools of the ATS Staff and they may be able to offer assistance. Primary support is usually found on the websites for these tools.

  • Screencast-o-matic- Screencast-o-matic is a free cloud-based or downloadable application that you can use to record lectures or screencasts. The free version allows for up to 15 minutes of recording - which includes audio, your screen, and even video of yourself (optional and webcam needed). Once your video is complete, you can store it on screencast-o-matic’s website, save to youtube, or save as an MP4 file.
  • iSpring- iSpring Free allows faculty to record audio directly into their PowerPoint and then convert the presentation to Flash for delivery on the Web. The software is PC-only, but the iSpring converter allows Mac users to convert their presentations and is available on computers in the Faculty Resource Center in the basement of Memorial Library.
  • Camtasia - Camtasia is a screen recording solution / video editing software that allows you to easily record and share your presentations but has the ability to edit the video, add in text boxes, add in additional movie clips, close caption, plus much more. This tool is approximately $150 with an educational discount but available for use in the Center for Excellence and Innovation for free.
  • Jing - Jing is a free tool that allow you to take screenshots (pictures) of the screen or allows you to do up to 5 minutes of screencast (screen recording). Jing records everything you see, and do and as soon as you're done with your screen capture or screen recording, it's ready to upload to and share through IM, email, social media and more.

Matrix of Features:

Camtasia Relay
Classroom-based Lecture Capture
HD Recording Studio
Microphone Needed
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Editing Capabilities
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Edit/Replace Single Slide
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Instructor Video
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Officially Supported
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