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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Social Media

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What is Social Media?

Social Media is the means to communicate, interact, collaborate, and/or share documents or ideas in a virtual community or network. Social media sites can be used for personal reasons or to expand your university or business presence.

Enterprise Tools: 

These tools are fully supported. Contact the ITS Service Desk at 507.389.6654 for assistance.

  • Yammer - a private social-media site owned by Microsfot that is part of our Office 365 package at MNSU. Yammer is accessible to anyone with an active email account.

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Staff Favorite Tools:

These tools are not supported. These are favorite tools of the ATS Staff and they may be able to offer assistance. Primary support is usually found on the websites for these tools.

  • LinkedIn - a free professional website geared towards the professional community. Registered users can post their online resume and connect with others in their profession to share ideas.
  • Facebook - a popular free website that allows users to share information, photos or videos, create groups or events, and just keep current with friends, whether they are personal or business.
  • Twitter - a free online website that allows registered users to send and read short (140 character limit) messages called "tweets". Other registered users can favorite ("like") or retweet tweets of people they follow.
  • Pinterest - a free website where users can "pin" any of their "interests" on boards. These boards can be seen by your followers and others that may be searching for ideas on pinterest. This is a great way to share ideas and find new ones.
  • Google+ - a free wesbite that allows you to share ideas, thoughts, photos or videos with those in your "circles". You can have a professional circle or a family circle and choose to share posts with those in your circle.  
  • YouTube - a free video hosting website powered by google that allows you to share your videos with everyone or just invited people only. Youtube videos can be shared via a link, other social media sites, or embedded on websites like D2L.
  • Blogger - a free website powered by google that allows you to have static webpages and blogs that you can post to share ideas or photos/videos with your followers.

Pilot Tools:

These tools are supported through the group/team championing the pilot (beta test)