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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

TelePresence and Video Conferencing

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What is Video Conferencing?  

Video Conferencing allows people in multiple locations to communicate with one another by simultaneous video and audio transmissions. Interactions are synchronous, or in real-time.

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Enterprise Tools: 

These tools are fully supported. Contact the IT Solutions Center at 507.389.6654 for assistance.

  • TelePresence- Cisco TelePresence is a high definition, virtual learning environment that makes students feel like they are in the same room as their educator and other students - some students can be in our Mankato location, while others are at our Edina location or at a remote site. Cisco TelePresence enables eye-to-eye contact between participants as well as allowing participants to observe nonverbal cues.
  • Adobe Connect Pro - Adobe Connect Pro is a Video Conferencing/Virtual Meeting Software - allowing for up to 100 attendees, webcam access for presenters, VoIP, and a secure unsearchable link to meetings that you can email to attendees. You can share websites, files, applications or your desktop with attendees, have open discussions with all attendees getting access to the whiteboard, chat, and annotation tools, break off into groups, and have multiple presenters, create polls, record sessions for later viewing. Adobe Connect Essential Training.
  • Skype for Business- Skype for Business is a video and voice call program that allows users with a webcam and microphone to connect with one another from any location with an Internet connection. Skype for Business Essential Training.
  • Cisco WebEx Meetings is a video conferencing tool that incorporates audio, high-definition (HD) video, and real-time content sharing. It helps organizers and participants streamline the entire meeting process and reduce email clutter with highly secure online spaces for storing, accessing, and updating activities and information related to each meeting.  Learning WebEx and Learning WebEx Training Center.