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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Electronic Repair

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 Need your computer repaired?    Check us out!

In our Electronic Repair Service Center, we provide repair services for our Campus Community. We have certified technicians who are very diligent at providing express services to the staff and students here in Mankato.  They maintain all of the computers and printers on our campus and if you purchase your computers at the Campus Computer Store, they help to provide repairs and service through the  warranties of Apple, Dell, and HP as well as the Computer Protection Service warranty.

We also offer service work on home computers for students, staff, faculty and emeriti of Minnesota State University Mankato.

Electronic Repair Labor Rates

 ***Any out-of-warranty repairs made, will charged at a rate of $80.00 per hour and charges will be made by the half-hour with a minimum charge of $40.00.

 ***All error codes that are noticed on either the computer or printer should be reported to the Service Desk to help diagnose printer problems that could be fixed without a charge.

Work Notes Costs
Computer Cleaning & Tune-up   $65.00
Computer Diagnosis   $40.00 non-refundable
Printer Diagnosis and Service Call   $40.00 Minimum-1/2 hr $80.00 hr
Printer Install Network or MnScu   $80.00
Printer Install Local USB   $40.00
Approximate Rates for Hardware Repairs
Minor Hardware Installation Cards, keyboards $25.00
Displays   $80.00
System Boards   $120.00
Case Parts/Plastics/Palm rests   $80.00
Memory/Hard drive Labor only $25.00
Printer repair and service calls 1/2 hour minimum. $80.00 hr
System Installations
File Backups   $65.00
Operating System Installation Rebuilds with customer CD $100.00
**File Backup/restore on fresh install With original CDs and drivers $130.00
Operating System Installation Rebuilds without customer CD $120.00
**File Backup/restore on fresh install Without original CDs and drivers $165.00
Mac OS install with Bootcamp must purchase Windows operating system   $90.00
Software Installations
Initial setup of new computer Will include all updates $40.00
Software Per application, will include updates
**Any software must have legitimate licenses provided**
Virus removal Must sign waiver and no guarantees $120.00

All prices include tax.

We are located on the third floor of the Memorial Library at the IT Service Desk. You can contact us at 507-389-6654 for assistance.