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Archiving D2L Course

Exporting Course Components (content, quizzes, etc.)

  1. From the course homepage, Click Edit Course.
  2. Click Import / Export / Copy Components.
  3. Select Export Components and choose Include course files in the export package.
  4. Click Start.
    1. Note:  Best Practice: Place a checkmark in the Select All Components box to copy the entire course.  Otherwise, place a checkmark next to individual components you wish to copy.
  1. Click Continue.
  2. On the screen that appears next click Continue.
  3. Wait while the animated exporting symbol is displayed.  When the export is complete, green checkmarks should appear for all selected components.
  4. Click Finish.
  5. On the Export Summary screen, you should see a message: ?The course export was successful".
  6. Click on the link.
  7. Click here to download the export Zip package.
  8. Save the .zip file to your choice of locations or folders on your local drive or portable storage device.
  9. Click Done.

Note:  This operation is most reliably performed on a high-speed internet connection (DSL, cable, or campus network) and on a computer that has a direct connection to the internet port (not wireless). If you have issues and your course is very large, you may want to try exporting it in smaller chunks. For example, do one export selecting only Content and Course Files. Then do a second export of other components. If the export times out again, break down the export even further.

Exporting Gradebook

  1. Login to D2L Brightspace and access the course you wish to edit.
  2. In your course's navigation bar, click the Grades link.
  3. At the top of the Enter Grades tab, select the Export link. The 'Export Grades' page will appear.
  4. By default, the 'Export Grade Items For' field is set to 'All users'. Leave it as set.
  5. Select Both under the Key Field heading to export all available information.
  6. Select the Grade Values you wish to export. Suggested are 'Points Grade' and 'Grade Scheme'.
  7. Select the User Details you wish to retain.
  8. Select the Grade Items you wish to export. To select individual items, select the checkboxes to the left of each grade item. The background of the item will turn blue. To select all items, select the checkbox to the left, above the Grade Item heading.
  9. Make sure to choose the Final Grade, either Calculated, Adjusted, or both.
  10. Select the Export to CSV button at the bottom of the page to export.
  11. A window will open, with a link to save the .CSV file to your computer. Click the link to download the file.

Exporting Dropbox Submissions

  1. From the course naviagion, click Assessments and then click Dropbox.
  2. Click the dropbox folder you wish to export.
  3. Click the small box at the top of the list of submissions. This will select all submissions. (Note: To download submissions for just a subset of users, check the boxe by each user,)
  4. Click the Download icon.
  5. When the file is ready to be downloaded, click the link presented. Save the file.

Exporting Discussion Posts

  1. From the course, click Communication and then click Discussions.
  2. Click on Settings near the upper-right corner and select Grid View under Personal Settings if not already set.
  3. Select a topic within a forum.
  4. Change the view to All Posts and press the Apply button.
  5. Change the number of posts viewed at a time to the highest possible option; typically, this is 50. If there are more posts than the number viewed at a time, you will have to repeat this procedure for each page to include all posts.
  6. Select the Select all rows box just above the message headings.
  7. Select the Print icon. Ddo one of the following:
    1. Select all text and copy and paste into a word processor.
    2. Press the Print button and select "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" to save
    3. Press the Print button and select "Adobe PDF" to save as a .pdf file.

Last modified October 18, 2018

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