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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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How to Request/Add a Course

Faculty, Adjuncts, and Teaching Assistants must request their course(s) be added to D2L. Follow these steps to request a course:

  1. Navigate to D2L Brightspace at
  2. Log in with your StarID credentials.
  3. Scroll down and locate the Instructor Resources menu.
  1. Under the Course Tools sub menu, click on Add a Course.
  1. Log in with your StarID credentials.
  2. Enter your TechID in the text box.
  1. In the drop down menu Select the Semester and Year of the course(s) you want to add (e.g. Fall 2018).
  1. Click the View Courses button.
  2. Check the box to the left of the courses you want in D2L Brightspace.
  3. Click the Individual Courses button if you want one D2L Brightspace course for each checked selection.
  1. If you want to combine two or more classes into one D2L Brightspace course (for example, multiple sections of the same course offering), check the boxes next to the courses you want to combine, then click the Consolidate Courses button.

After submitting the request it typically takes 1-2 business days for the courses to appear in D2L Brightspace. 

Last modified January 15, 2019

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